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Oneself are in the home sweet a kind of sweet grass reduce weight
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As the addition of age, body bodily form can have constant change. As a result of the relation of attraction of the earth's core, certain place has the body gradually prolapse and the phenomenon that lose flexibility, the occurrence that is like little stomach breast. To the health care of bodily form, oil of balmy plant elite has very great help. Proper sweet fume maintain cooperate to massage a movement, and the use that perserve, can get ideal result certainly.
Eliminate seeper, eliminate oedema
Cooperate the following recipe with oil of 18 milliliter bottom, massage at oedema place, push down lymphatic flow direction by, daily successive all around, the effect is distinct. A, Du Song 2 rosemary 4 cypress 2B, Du Song silvers coin 4 drops Su Cao 3 rosemary 2
Purify reduces weight reach postpartum abdomen grain
With oil of 18 milliliter bottom, cooperate the following recipe, massage everyday at abdomen with arranging hour hand to hit the means of the circle to massage 5 - 10 minutes. A, neroli 5 lavender 4B. Hua Limu 4 frankincense 3 lavender 2C, frankincense 3 lavender 2 lemon are careless 2 1

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