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Use oil of plant essence of life correctly to recuperate the skin
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Plant essence of life is oily with it pure crude character gets the welcome of many people.
Nevertheless, because the plant essence of life on the market is at present oily the good and bad are intermingled, a few consumer can worry to cause undesirable effect to the body with bad likelihood.
Accordingly, the reporter interviewed Beijing industrial and commercial university to change labour major to teach Yan Shixiang subtly. Professor thing gate of a lane thinks, the flower that give is abstracted after oil of pure plant essence of life is the plant such as flower, careless, seed, fructification to pass extraction, if can try scientificly to use, have very good recuperation effect to the body.
Beijing state decides beauty parlour Dr Guo to express, use oil of plant essence of life correctly to have two respects profit at least.
Above all, oil of plant essence of life can stimulate the person's nasal cavity, when the person is inspiratory, be closed to send nerve chemistry material by inspiratory choice oily material commentate piece, generation quiet, life-giving or the effect that be intoxicated. If oily element of essence of life enters haemal circulation, still can achieve the stimulative loop, effect that accelerates metabolism.
Next, oily element of essence of life is OK have the aid of is massaged permeate from the skin, enter blood-vessel through pore and wool bursa, be conveyed to produce recuperation effect everywhere to the body thereby.
Actually, because each cultivate oil of substance essence of life to having different extraction technology, so the oil of plant essence of life of different sort also is met to the body have distinct recuperation effect.
The stand or fall of oil of plant essence of life, the key is to see purity, the purity of oil of general plant essence of life is in of 90% above is oil of good essence of life, and, the plant spirit with high purity is oily, get as a result of foreign matter purify much, it is better that the effect that so the skin absorbs also is met.
Additional, not be to choose was opposite express to won't have a problem, a few with oil of a variety of plant essence of life concoctive and spirit of become plant of medicine made of two or more ingredients is oily, because its part is complex, make the skin very easily allergic, must coach in what move sweet division next dilute are mixed so adjust, do not come with crude oil and mineral oil absolutely attenuant, the skin is allergic person more want careful with.

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