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Essence oil removes odour protect book of hair philosophy secret
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Bursa of hair root hair often secretes grease of quite a few, as time passes sends out namely a taste that makes a person vinegary. Particular the way to deal with a situation, it is to should be used above all high grade wash hair essence. Want to obtain idealer result, still can use spice, the method is as follows:
With after washing hair essence and rinse to wash a hair, inside the lavatory that puts Cheng Man hot water with an essence oil, rinse a hair with this water. Next, drip an essence oil on the comb, blow the hair with blower by the side of edge comb dry.
Because heat,make flavour of essence oil gas sends out come out, fixed go up in the hair. Before going out in the morning the following day again do sth following a set pattern also can have pretty good effect. And still can have protect the effect of hair.
Essence oil is wait for floral by flower, careless, wood proper place- - the petaline, leaf, peel natural plant that comes out with the formal abstraction of distillation is oily.
The sort of essence oily fragrance can undertake choosing according to your hobby. If with use usually those who wash hair essence and rinse essence is sweet model choose collocation as a whole, can get much better and ideal result.
The flavour of essence oil encounters heat to send out, the hair after wiping oil sends out in head temperature action piece blast a scent.
If use perfume, because perfume fragrance keeps longer, in later period perfume animal sex odour and fat hair flavour mix together, can send out occasionally a bad taste, so, some perfume effects fare badly.
When essence of your choose and buy is oily, must select natural flavor product.
If some poll send Central Plains to have taste of nicotian, tar, should keep clear of above all. Using essence oil otherwise is insignificant, because taste of nicotian, tar and essence oil are jumbly,be together also be less than favorable result.
So, should want to tangle with hairbrush first on gauze combs a hair to perhaps wipe a hair with wet towel. Remove taste of original tobacco, tar and dirt as far as possible.
Next, the hairbrush that using oil of the essence on drop combs a hair. This is a kind of lash-up practice that uses below special situation. Want to eradicate, the reoccupy after coming home washs hair essence to be handled carefully.

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