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Balmy essence oil uses 4 errors
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Error one: Pregnant woman cannot use balmy essence oil
This is to circulate a the widest view, a lot of people include division of physiotherapy of a few sweet scent aing kind of sweet grass to also think so. They think balmy essence oil can be permeated quickly in blood, cause vasomotor, make be pregnant a female of 3 months produce miscarriage. Actually, this is the molecular structure that they do not know oil of essence of life, use the use mechanism of herb to oil of essence of life. After entering next cortex or blood through massage or breathing when oil of essence of life, the amount that its contain already special and special small, won't cause pregnant woman or fetal and undesirable effect to hemal systole or dilate.
Contrary, therapeutics massages proper scent to still can alleviate pressure, composed nerve, slow the circumstance such as ache of back of the nervous uneasiness that pregnant woman causes because of be pregnant, waist, oedema. Additional, be pregnant hind a few months, use essence oil undertakes having the rule, gentle massage in abdomen and ham, still can alleviate the generation of gravid grain. Because be pregnant,gravid grain is later period uterus increases, cause what abdomen and ham flesh fiber rupture and form, once generation wants to make it complete disappear, very difficult. Accordingly, the precaution before is very important, and the method that using measurable balmy essence oil to massage is an effective.
Error 2: The skin that has cut cannot be used
The cut that talks here should judge the cut that is what type, touch injury, abrade, cut and small area commonly burn scald to be able to be used, do not have any influences to cut not only, still can promote cut cutaneous to cicatrization at an early date.
But, when using, do not knead as far as possible be in by cut, because the oil that contains phenolic, aldehyde is excitant strong, should as far as possible need not. The contrary seed that does not contain phenolic, aldehyde is oily, like not stiff flower (renown always year careless) , foreign Gan Ju, lavender OK and safe use.
Error 3: Hypertensive patient cannot be used
Think commonly, the blood pressure wave motion of hypertensive patient is divided get a sentiment (nervous, excited) , outside age influence, take medicaments undeserved also can cause blood pressure wave motion, associate to use essence to whether can oil also cause blood pressure to rise or drop thereby. Actually, this kind of concern is redundant, when oily element of essence of life from the skin when layer upon layer infiltrate through, its are measured already very small, and massage area is lesser also, have effect very hard to hemal systole and diastole.
Error 4: Cancer patient cannot be used
Traditional idea thinks massage meeting makes cancer cell diffuses, cancer patient is consequently unfavorable use essence oil is massaged. Actually, the person that has medical common sense a bit should know, whether had diffuse and massaged tumor place of cancer cell to have nothing to do, cancer cell because massage,also won't diffuse quickly.
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