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How use essence oily effect is good
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Oil of essence of life uses a method
Inspiratory law
1. is indoor and inspiratory law: The container of the glass of hot water infuse that boils near, pottery and porcelain or stainless steel (lavatory, bowl or cup) in, drip essence of life is oily, cover with big towel or dress afterbrain, fu body at container upper part, breathe alternately with mouth, bazoo until comfortable till, this is remedial cold (eucalyptus, citric) reach respiratory tract to affect most the method of quick result, also be life-giving, the method with mood best shift.
2. is handy and inspiratory law: essence of life oily drop is on face paper or handkerchief, attend a meeting, drive, enplane, car, boat or when attending class, all can use.
3. is long-distance driving person smell is very easy and tired, should prepare so 2 to oil of 3 kinds of essence, alternant use ability produces effect (field mint, basil, rosemary very effective) .
Bath law
1. dip bath: Put common and ordinary water quantity and water are warm, turn on the water after the movement is finished, just had picked the oil of essence of life that wanted that day according to the individual (reach 3 kinds) , total drop is counted 8- - 12, the oil that press essence of life volatilizes the order with low, medium, high order and degree, drop of one by one enters tub in, after dribble movement is finished, cap the lid is tightened, wipe clean, in replace wooden box, right now oil of essence of life floats at surface, oil of some essence of life can diffuse, some agglomeration become a circle, use the paw right now with horizontal pose, flap quickly, make oil of essence of life is equably dispersedly on surface, after entering common bathing pool, use any soap or cleaner no longer, right now, can use reflection pathology to massage a law, in the place related oneself, gentle massage, the osmosis of oil of essence of life force is extremely powerful, 3 minutes arrive at derma namely, 5 minutes arrive at subcutaneous tissue namely, run the whole body as our blood, the atmosphere of appropriate Yue is here medium, can immerse to begin to water till hasten is cool, about 10 to 15 minutes.
2. sufficient bath: Uses sufficient bath tub, had better be stainless steel material is qualitative, if plastic material is compared character not ideal, because can have chemical change. It is to undertake reflex of sufficient ministry pathology is massaged when sufficient bath best when, because have the concern of oil of essence of life, it is OK to should be massaged gently only.
3. buttock bath: It is the optimal method of physiology health care, have the recipe that has matched lavement with Wen Shui, can prevent the generation of a lot of physiology problems and disease so.
4. shower: The bath law of 3 warmth or other can use oil of pure plant essence of life.
Direct coating law
This law is used at the problem of skin surface, get hurt etc. For example: Lavender can be used on the skin of scald directly. Handle affected part clean first, after wiping, direct besmear is in affected part, little scar can use pily stick (avoid to use plastic the cotton that make is marvellous) , cannot besmear directly without oil of attenuant essence of life go up at the skin of larger area. The problem on skin of avery kind of, the oil of essence of life that has two kinds of above can choose, can choose according to individual constitution, if the symptom still does not have clear improvement after 3 days, must choose oil of additionally one kind of essence. When using, the attention avoids oil of essence of life to run into an eye.
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