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Popularity of female of western country vogue uses chocolate hairdressing
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Delicate chocolate gets of a lot of deadbeat love, nevertheless, people perhaps does not know, chocolate not only delicious, still have the magical effect of hairdressing. Nowadays, western country waits in the United States, chocolate hairdressing is increasingly popular, the people that loves the United States no longer the hairdressing method of tradition of mere bureau be confined to, let oneself be enjoyed to the top of one's bent however sweet thick, sweet chocolate bath, chocolate is massaged... because allegedly chocolate conduces to,let the skin restore vitality.
Be in new York the most flourishing Manhadu, the merchant Howard of a high-grade beauty parlour·Kelinboge says, premise of her beauty parlour eye is massaged for chocolate bath, chocolate wait for a service, because " the skin that chocolate can help you restores vitality, can moisturize, and to human body cell have profit newlier very much " .
Actually, similar such beauty parlour is returned nowadays in the United States true many, the businessman publicizes chocolate to conduce to hairdressing and health, the client is very willing also in appetizing chocolate world the skin that caresses oneself.
The master Mulali of another beauty parlour also expresses, after people is accepting chocolate bath, chocolate to massage, still will undertake cleaning with Wen Shui. She says: "The caffein of certain amount is contained in chocolate, can stimulate physiology circulatory system of the person, let the skin retain flexibility and vigor. Let the skin retain flexibility and vigor..
Concerned expert expresses, chocolate beauty culture can satisfy the people preference to chocolate already, need not worry again absorb overmuch quantity of heat, still conduce to hairdressing, it is with one action is gotten more really, the people with pardonable beautiful love " be passionately devoted " .
A variety of effect of chocolate
·Nutrition is rich
Chocolate can offer the body a lot of nutrition part that daily place wants, can offer more protein, calcic, magnesium and vitamin B2 than a lot of other snacks. And chocolate milk also offers more zinc, Potassium, nicotinic acid and riboflavin than milk of pure complete fat.
·Relieve a cough effectively
British scientist considers to discover, chocolate is had relieve a cough first-rately curative effect. Consider to make clear, the meeting after the vagus inside human body is stimulated causes cough, and a kind of action that the name is the material with alkaline cocoa to be able to rise to restrain vagus. This kind of cocoa is alkaline be the place in chocolate accumulate a kind of contained material.
·Improve hemal function
Black chocolate contains a large number of names to be the antioxidant of kind of yellow ketone, can protect blood-vessel to avoid get not stable oxide of freedom radical damage. Although pure chocolate can make the antioxidant content in blood increases 20 % , but milk chocolate won't produce similar result, because milk may affect the absorption of kind of yellow ketone.
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