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The skin after basking in needs to had done filling water and antiphlogistic wor

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What the reaction of the skin after basking in basically comes from ultraviolet ray is burnable, with burn a bit resemble: Skin appeared dehydration and agnail two kinds of harmful response. So, want to alleviate the phenomenon such as the aglow, desquamate of the skin after basking in, the most important is to had done filling water and antiphlogistic work.
The skin that basks in is very sensitive and flimsy, had better come in order to rinse completely clean, avoid to be mixed with toilet soap discharge makeup is tasted, often use cold water bath or come with wet towel the skin with composed hot impetuous. If bask in a circumstance more serious, occurrence bedding face accumulates the phenomenon with bubbly even desquamate, had better go to a hospital in time seeing a doctor, and do not want oneself to use cosmetic. If be basked in so not serious, it is aglow merely with slight desquamate, can begin the following day from what bask in an injury to have improvement a bit, choose contain plum of detailed of lavender, Gan Ju, gold, pot marigold to wait natural and composed slow the cleanness of composition, maintain article, compensatory moisture, oil is divided, because of,prevent skin dry and ageing, generation furrow. A lot of brands have after be being basked in technically, nurse product, its purpose basically is a large number of compensatory moisture, composed and slow the skin after basking in.

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